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Jeanne Carroll Designes

Who is Jeanne Carroll?

With a college degree in Art (B.A. Bradley University) and a lifelong fascination with color, I experimented in my own houses -- over a dozen houses across the country as my husband moved up the corporate ladder. I loved new houses because they gave me a new canvas to try ideas. I believe color and texture define a space, and I love to explore its possibilities.

Some of these homes I built from scratch. Each time, I experimented with different products to see how they worked out. Eventually, I went into business as friends and neighbors asked me to replicate what they saw in my homes.

In short, my home has always been my design studio to show clients color, art work, window treatments, faux finishes and so much more. My Mom would say that I have lived to create ever since receiving a sewing machine for my tenth birthday—and we know Mom is always right.

When my four daughters completed college and launched into careers ten years ago, my career kicked into high gear. Friends laugh because I am hands on ("paint-stained") most of the week but religiously get my nails done in time for church on Sunday. But, that's me!

I just love my work passionately, and it's true that I am happy to work 7 days a week. There is always something to do for my clients, and I am always ready to do it. Much of the work (including faux finishes and other painting), I do myself. I have perfected different faux finish techniques over the years, and I want the colors to be perfect. Any surface can be painted if handled properly. And I do paint ALL surfaces!

My approach is personal, down to earth, practical and sensitive to your taste and needs. My prices are fair; I am an artist making a living, not a business empire seeking profits. My focus is not merely perfectly executing the current project but also earning your trust for future projects. As a result, I have many long-term satisfied clients, some of whom have shared their enthusiasm for my work on this web site.


"I called Jeanne to paint my office. She moved all the furniture to the center of my office, painted and that same afternoon all the furniture was back in place and I was operational again. Then when we wanted to paint the foyer of our house I called Jeanne again. The project expanded to the staircase and the upstairs hall and Jeanne was efficient and cleaned up as the work progressed. Then when our son wanted a Green Bay Packers room and it was time to strip off the baby wallpaper, we called Jeanne again and brainstormed with her. Her creativity produced a wall sized football field and three walls painted Green Bay Packers colors, with various fatheads on the walls. She was always very tidy and cleaned up after each day and produced a wonderful palette of colors in our home."

–Jim H.