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When you think to yourself, "this is too much work",
"where do I begin with this project?" Please call Jeanne Carroll Designs to give you easy and fast solutions.

  • Color consultation
  • Interior painting
  • Faux finishes
  • Interior design consultation
  • Custom window treatments
  • Accessorising
  • McKenzie Childs –type furniture finishes
  • Remodeling
  • Space organization consulting/advice
  • Staging for open houses, selling or special functions
  • Wall Papering

Jeanne on the Job

Interior design projects range the gamut from small update projects to full interior redesigns. Below are a few examples of more common projects.


The Kitchen remodel

Kitchen remodeling is the single most frequent remodeling investment. Here Jeanne helped the owner choose and install new granite countertops, refreshed the tired oak cabinets with paint and new hardware, replaced the appliances and sinks, and replaced wallpaper on the backsplash with color. Jeanne helped the client update lighting and declutter the area for a sleek, contemporary new look.


Faux finishes

Faux finishes can create ambience and add texture to a space. In our first example, the client wanted to complement the elegant marble flooring in his home with a wall treatment that carried through the same idea. In the second example, a warm gold topped by a brown wash suggests a rustic quality. Jeanne is expert in faux finishing and will do test boards to ensure just the right look.


Window treatments

Window treatments from start to finish are a Jeanne Carroll forte. For this client, Jeanne researched fabrics, designed the treatment, oversaw drapery construction, chose the hardware, and installed the finished panels. The black-and-white toile complements the rustic faux finish of the walls for a Country French feel.



Sometimes just the right mirror or lamp or other accessory is the right unifying piece in a room. And sometimes it takes a trained eye and a little objectivity to reposition our current accessories to deliver a fresh look. For this client Jeanne rearranged the furniture and repositioned artwork, lighting, and accessories to provide better traffic flow and deliver a sense of openness. For another client struggling to sell his home, she repainted the window shutters in a contrasting color and—voila!—the home sold within 30 days.

Organized Services Organized Services

Window Treatment


Organized Services Organized Services

Painted Brass

Before and After

Organized Services Organized Services

Painted Brick

Custom Painted
High Chair


"Jeanne Carroll is an extremely talented artist, decorator, and designer. In a tough real estate market in Chicago, she helped paint, prep and stage our condo for resale; which in turn sold within two and half months. More importantly she has and continues to help design, paint and decorate our new house in the city to make it a beautiful home. We appreciate her incredible attention to detail, innovative design ideas and wonderful eye for color all on an affordable budget. We remodeled our entire kitchen; however, we were able to save thousands of dollars on our cabinetry after Jeanne sanded, primed and painted them to look brand new! I highly recommend Jeanne's services for your current, older home or a brand-new home endeavor. The best part about working with her is her positive attitude, passion for her work and genuine eagerness to help her clientele in all aspects of interior design."

–K.Welch, 2013