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Why Should You Use Jeanne Carroll?

Jeanne Carroll Designs serves homeowners, builders and realtors as a creative partner and trusted advisor on interior design. As a full service design consultant, she manages the entire project, from start to finish, including any subcontractors.

As a homeowner wondering where to begin, you now have someone who will listen, understand your goals, help you articulate your vision, and work within your timeline and budget to execute a vision. If you're like many of Jeanne's clients, when your project ends the relationship continues. She'll become your trusted resource for the next big project ("My kitchen needs an update!") to all the small ones ("How should I hang this collection of photos?").

As a builder, you now have a resource for the client that says, "All these decisions are overwhelming me." Jeanne excels at thinking through all the pieces of the puzzle and guiding a client to make all of the pieces fit together in a seamless whole.

For the realtor, there's now an answer for the client who says, "There's too much work in this house." Jeanne offers a turnkey solution that includes consultation, recommendations, and full execution to remove this obstacle to moving forward. She manages all the subcontractors through job completion.


"Jeanne Carroll has helped many of my new home and remodeling customers make their houses go from nice to sensational. Jeanne's care and understanding of what the client wants leads to a smooth transition of textures, colors, fabrics and furniture and the ultimate prize a gorgeous home. I recommend Jeanne to all my customers and clients."

–Dan Kammes
Breckenridge Development Group Inc.